Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sri Baby

Sridevi with her first-born, Janhvi Kapoor. Days after her birth, young Janhvi made the cover of Stardust magazine back in October 1997. There are just a handful of people who were born famous in India - and when the images were leaked to the tabloids,  the title read, "A New York Exclusive: Sri's baby caught and clicked!"

Till date, whether she's going to the gym or for a coffee, attending a friend's wedding or on holiday, she's caught and definitely clicked.
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This week, she will, by her own volition pose for Vogue magazine, a shoot originally planned with her mother. The confluence of superstar mother and rising-star daughter  would have been a sensational shoot (if Vogue's rich history with Sridevi is anything to go by).

With Sridevi's tragic and untimely passing, Janhvi appears on set by herself. Having been photographed since she was born, the confidant child of a superstar is bound to do a killer shoot.

Don't forget, Sridevi's daughter was the most famous Indian baby alive in the '90s - long before Taimur Ali Khan or Misha Kapoor.

It baffles us still that Sridevi will not be around to see the debut of this young girl. Will she be an actress or a star? Sridevi set such a high benchmark, Janhvi's got an alpine climb ahead to reach anywhere near the multiple award-winning Indian actress who also ruled the box-office with sari-clad ease.

Sridevi: One Woman Industry

Cover story from 1988.

Sridevi, Rajeshwari and Jayalalitha

Sridevi, Rajeshwari Ayappan (Sridevi's mother) and Jayalalitha
Political posts always gives us grief - we don't print troll messages so don't even bother - but as Sridevi was so popular, she met and was photographed with all major politicos, including, as seen here, Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha was of course, also Sridevi's co-star when Sri was a child artist. All three in the picture here are no more...

Sridevi fan art

Monday, 19 March 2018

Farewell Sridevi

RIP Sridevi

Sridevi's final appearance in public

For the Dubai wedding, this was Sridevi's final look and appearance in public. February 23, 2018.

Nigahein (1989)

In Sridevi in various moment in Nigahein (1989). Though the film was not a blockbuster like its predecessor Nagina, Sridevi looked stunning throughout, danced and acted as well as she always does. 1989 was her year though; with back to back successes of Chaalbaaz and Chandni, double nominations and a win, Sridevi ruled the 80s with flourish and fanfare.