Monday, 20 March 2017

Alia Bhatt receieves Best Actress Filmfare trophy from... the Best Actress Sridevi!


As Sridevi presented the Best Actress Filmfare trophy to youngling Alia Bhatt, Alia's father, renowned director Mahesh Bhatt tweeted:

Mahesh Bhatt directed Sridevi in the acclaimed film Gumraah in the early 90s and has said in several interviews that he was/is a fan of the superstar. Sridevi's stellar performance in Gumraah (with Sanjay Dutt) was the seventh highest grossing Hindi film in 1993. 

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Producer Yash Johar (father of Karan Johar), director Mahesh Bhatt, with stars of Gumraah; Rahul Roy, Sridevi and Sanjay Dutt


Sridevi rockin' the 80s and 90s in Bollywood.

Airport Fashion: March 2017

And she's off! Jet-setting superstar sighting at Mumbai airport.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Boney Kapoor: Sridevi is my Strength!

Aww. Another gushing interview with Boney Kapoor as the first look of Mom is released.

Their entire romance is very Nottinghill-esque. Sri married her biggest fan. Cute.

Interview from DNA here.

Sridevi is my Strength!

Boney Kapoor shares PERSONAL memories from his 33-year association with his wife, Sridevi

When Mom, starring Sridevi releases on July 14 this year, it will mark over three decades of the actress and her husband, producer Boney Kapoor’s professional association and 22 years as a couple. Not much is known about their love story, except that he was a married man when they fell in love. In an exclusive, Boney shares some cherished memories of his 30-year association with the enigma called Sridevi.

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi on the sets of Mr India
“I met her for the first time in 1984. I was besotted with her, right from my first meeting with her. She was shooting for another film when I went to meet her to sign her for Mr India. Before that, I had sent somebody to Chennai to connect with her, after watching one of her Tamil films, but she was in Singapore at the time. Her first Hindi film Sadma and after that, Himmatwala (1980) had released.

When I met her, I remember I did all the talking, while she kept saying, ‘Talk to my mom...’”
He continues, “I can speak volumes on my memories with her... This can go on for the full day... All I can say is, that the minute I saw her, I said to myself, ‘She has to anyhow be in my life and I have to make sure she remains with me all my life.’

I have learned a lot from her in terms of being sincere, professional and giving her best, but what I admire and respect about her is her approach to life and how she presents herself. Have you come across anything wrong about her? Sridevi has always been absolutely correct in life and is dignity personified, in the way she carries herself. Nor has she ever said a wrong word against anybody.”

 “When I heard the story line and subject of Mom, I could only think of Sridevi in the title role. She has a mind of her own, so I was hoping she would like the story and sign my film. After English Vinglish, she had various offers and while some of them seemed very attractive to me, she wasn’t keen. But she loved the story of Mom and gave the nod. If she hadn’t, the film wouldn’t have happened.”
“It’s been more than 30 years of our professional association and we have given hits most of the time we worked together — Mr India, Judaai, English Vinglish. I remember Balki and I were discussing the possibility of doing a film with Sridevi, Rajinikanth and Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan). We met Balki at his residence in Chennai for lunch when we got to know Rajnikanth wasn’t keeping well. Balki mentioned that Gauri (Shinde), his wife was working on the script (English Vinglish) and Sri and I both instantly loved the story idea.”

“It’s been a fabulous journey personally and professionally with Sri and I hope it continues forever as long as we both live. We are in sync all the time and the choices we made in films have worked out well. Hopefully, Mom will too. After Judaai she took a sabbatical to look after our two daughters as her family has always been her priority. It was only the story of English Vinglish that compelled, propelled and excited her to come back into films again.”

“During Judaai we had already become very close and when I was on a recce in early 1996 to USA, Sridevi and I traveled all over the country by road and took flights... We both recced for it together. I pray to God that all goes well for Mom too.

She’s my strength and support system. She’s been through my lows and highs and been a great support to me. During the release of No Entry she walked barefoot to Siddhivinayak for me for nine weeks, as the film was having hiccups. I am lucky and blessed to have her in my life.’

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Sridevi arrives in Sri Lanka

Manish Malhotra posted this image of Sridevi at her home, dressed up, heading to the Zee Cine Awards 2017 - where Mom's first look was launched by Salman Khan.

Manish posts on social media:

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  • Sridevi goes for mellow yellow at a luncheon


    Sridevi opted for this ultra chic salwaar kameez by Manish Malhotra for a lunch.

    Feb 2017 pics.